GCNP Boats project
Grand Canyon National Park has a collection of 15 historic watercraft that have navigated through the Grand Canyon and represent many of the significant milestones in River Running history on the Colorado. I joined a team of Conservators from the National Park Service's Intermountain Region Museum Services Center (Tuscon) in July 2007 for for the summer session of this unique on-going project.
The Esmerelda II, 1949
The Stone Boat, 1909
Stone Boat Treatment
Several boats were treated in this project. The "Stone Boat" named for Julius Stone, was one of the famed Galloway boats that traveled down the Grand Canyon in 1909 and helped popularize river running as a sport in the United States.

The Treatment of the Stone boat included paint stabilization and Sewn repairs and reinforcement to the original canvas. The team included staff from the NPS Western Regional Conservation Center.
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