Treatment of a Northwest Coast Haida Button Blanket
Before Treatment
After Treatment
Felted Infills
This Button Blanket was treated prior to exhibition to improve the appearance of old and discolored repairs. A technique was devised to felt patches of colored wool, which could be applied to the object with a modified needle felting technique. This technique allowed me to individually blend colors of wool (and cotton) roving to match the repair areas, matching the thickness and surface treatment of the surrounding textile. These patches were then felted into place, creating a great visual match with ultimate reversibility... the fills can be popped out with tweezers or vacuumed off the textile if desired. This technique was used on six other button blankets in the collection for the same exhibit.
Felted Infill technique being demonstrated on a similar NW Coast button blanket.
Note the different colors of wool roving that are blended to match each fill area.
Julie Parker
Objects Conservator
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